Let’s help children choose Kindness over Bullying and Confidence over Self-Doubt as they embrace these easy to understand messages!

“I can’t do it.”
“I’ll never be smart enough.”
“I am ugly.”

These are the statements you never want to hear your child say. But it can be hard for children to stay positive when they regularly see and hear negative messages all around them.

Be Kind. Be Happy. Be Healthy.

Featuring upbeat rhymes and colorful, full-page illustrations, Great Things To Be is a breath of fresh air, teaching kids positive characteristics that encourage and build up their self-esteem and improve their approach to life.

Great Things To Be helps parents and educators develop a strong, positive foundation in their children by teaching them 12 important qualities through rhyming messages and vivid illustrations.   It is not just a book to read once and put away.  It is a book to help reinforce positive messages throughout the school year and at home.  It is a quick guide to focus on desired traits that you want children to learn and become. 

Let’s nip bullying in the bud by developing and affirming qualities such as kindness, confidence, and honesty in our children from the very beginning. You’ll be amazed at how quickly children will embrace the positive messages of this insightful book—and starts spreading its good influence at school and at home.

 Great Things To Be is not just an excellent book for parents but, a wonderful resource for teachers, counselors, librarians and other early education programs.

Award Winning Book
The Mission is Simple. Supply parents and educators with a FUN QUICK GUIDE book to help focus on desired positive traits to develop GREAT kids!
Teaching Positive Traits Early & Often!