Teaching Positive Traits Early & Often!

Great Things To Be may not be your typical children’s book, but it should definitely be on the top of parents’ and teachers’ reading lists for their kids.

And don’t worry: the fun, rhyming declarations and vivid, colorful, full-page illustrations will keep children coming back to the book again and again.

The lessons are simple—be kind, be honest, be confident—but the results are immeasurable. You may even find yourself pausing over a few you’ve forgotten over the years—be healthy, be brave, be yourself!

 Get back to the basics with these positive lessons, and let Great Things To Be help you shape the leaders of tomorrow by affirming and developing these twelve important character traits in your child.

The book is a great choice for all those helping teach children: parents, teachers, librarians, counselors and more. You’ll love how quickly kids choose kindness over bullying and confidence over self-doubt as they embrace these easy-to-understand concepts. 

About The Book

A Note From the Author

Let’s help children choose Kindness over Bullying and Confidence over Self-Doubt as they embrace these easy to understand messages!

Your Guide to Building Positive Traits and Encouraging Great Behavior at School & at Home!
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I wrote Great Things To Be when I was on maternity leave with my daughter.  I remember looking at her with so much love and so much hope and I just wanted to lead by example and raise a wonderful, caring, young woman.  This book is my quick guide to raising a confident, brave, kind and responsible person!

Life is tough and there are a ton of negative messages surrounding children today.  These are all traits that I believe can help them keep a good outlook on life and be the best person they can be! 

My goal is to get this book into the hands of millions of children throughout the United States.  I would love to see every Pre-School, Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade class start the school year off with this book!  Why?  The first reason is because reading is critical for development and I support all literacy efforts.  I am passionate about early childhood learning.  The second reason is Great Things To Be is about positive characteristic traits that I believe all children should be learning about in school and at home.  Building character is instrumental in developing caring, confident and tolerant children.  Developing strong characters may also help to prevent/combat all the bullying that exists these days among children.  Teaching and reinforcing positive characteristic traits may not be occurring all the time in homes. Therefore, we should make it a priority to focus more on character building at an early age through early education channels which is why this book is a great pick for schools!

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